From: Mike & Karol Williams

To Anna and her family,

We would like to say thank-you so very much for the care of Ann and Gene Williams. Anna first took in our Mom and cared for her and her stroke and Parkinson's disease. We loved our visits to see her as you knew you were always welcome by Anna and her family and we always knew that Mom was taken care of. Not only did she care for Mom, but with Dad still living at his home, she always seemed to be able to help him or keep track of him. Our Mom lived with Anna for 5 years and passed away in Sept. 2003. There's no way to explain everything Anna did. No way to explain the amount of love and comfort she has.

Anna then took in Dad when he became ill with pneumonia (and other problems too). He loved her sense of humor and loved to joke with her. The same care, concern and love was extended to Dad for the same 24 hours per day, 7 days a week as it did with Mom. Dad passed away in May of 2003. Both Mom and Dad were always capable of telling us if something was wrong and trust me, this never did happen.

Again, our sincere thanks to Anna. If there were only more people like her, all family members would feel so much better in knowing that their loved is truly being taken care of and loved.

And yes, even though both Mom and Dad are gone, we still plan to visit Anna.

Mike & Karol Williams

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