January 15, 2006

To: Anyone considering Anna's Adult Foster Care Home
      for caring for a family member

From: Jim & Kathy Heitkemper

Our family is in a unique situation to highly recommend Anna’s Foster Care Home in early 2003 through a close friend who was living there following a stroke. We were impressed with the care he received, and continues to receive today. He enjoys being part of Anna’s household.

In late 2003 a friend and neighbor of ours, who was suffering with Parkinson’s disease, was in desperate need of additional care that his wife could not provide. Anna’s had a vacancy, and we helped get him established. He has received tender care as he has gradually become bed-ridden. When his wife was recently, and unexpectedly hospitalized, Anna visited her until she was transferred to ICU and passed away. While our friend may not understand everything that has happened, Anna’s has shown him great mercy.

In January 2004, Jim’s father moved into a vacancy at Anna’s, where he was part of the family until his death in April 2005 at the age of 94. He had ‘his place’ in the living room where he napped, read the paper and visited. His needs were constantly met. Toward the end of his life, Anna would sit with him in the night when he was having trouble breathing.

Jim’s aunt joined Anna’s for a brief stay following a hospital release. She relocated to be closer to her family.

In April 2005 Kathy’s father needed extra help with daily living needs and joined other residents at Anna’s, where he stayed until his death in November 2005 at the age of 82. He was a challenging resident, especially as he gradually lost use of his hands and arms. Anna’s provided him the opportunity to stay as independent as possible, but willingly stepped up his care as his health deteriorated. Everyone was very kind to him, spoiling him rotten…getting him fresh ice, scratching that itch, combing his hair, helping him dress, adjusting the oxygen, keeping him fresh, comforting him, holding his hand. Kathy’s mother visited daily and was treated kindly. Her visits were never hurried.

The care our family members have received could not be exceeded. Everyone at Anna’s always went out of their way to make our entire family welcome, and to be a part of the caring process.

If foster care were needed in our family again, our hope would be that Anna’s has a vacancy! We will continue to recommend Anna’s to anyone who asks about a clean, safe, caring place for an aging family member to call home.

Jim & Kathy Heitkemper

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